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Flying cars to realizing how far is it?
Time : 2015/5/23    Clicks : 1090    Public:Shenzhen Xsmart Technology Co.,LTD

AeroMobil flying cars at an airport in the slovak republic testing crash accident, fortunately, the pilot ejected, even though the company claims the accident helps them improve AeroMobil3.0 prototype, however, and the dream of flying cars launched in 2017 is likely to be delayed.

AeroMobil by Slovakia's engineers Stefan Klein, research and development, Stefan Klein who done for audi, BMW and Volkswagen car design. Aeromobil previously known as the most close to the flying car prototype of implementation may, Aeromobil company from 1990 began to develop flight vehicles, the third generation product Aeromobil3.0 prototype released in 2014, after the company said it plans to officially listed in 2017 Aeromobil 3.0. Two Aeromobil3.0 appearance looks like a car fitted with foldable flying wing and tail, propeller, body length more than 6 meters, body width of 2.24 meters, that is to say, can park in the normal size of parking space, folding wings fully open has 8.32 meters long. Company said AeroMobil isn't a car can fly, but the vehicles that run on the ground plane. Company, according to data released in auto mode and flight mode, the speed can reach 161 km/h and 200 km per hour, can travel 875 km and 700 km respectively, using regular gasoline fuel instead of jet fuel, although the speed is not particularly exaggerated, but once the flight mode, can need not be afraid of traffic jam, this makes a lot of people for its high hopes, drove her car, want to fly fly how exciting the will, however, civil aviation and national governments and the headache.

AeroMobil3.0 prototype crashed for the chance of flying car market in 2017. AeroMobil company said an accident is an accident, but the company can further analyze the data and was improved, the crash AeroMobil 3.0 prototype, continue to test in the future.

If the Wright brothers invented aircraft looks and flying cars have similar genes, also have not cannot, flying car is one hundred years of countless science fiction and the dream, in the movie before stop due to technical factors, now more is the safety factor.

Restrict AeroMobil flying cars on factors including now

Performance problems, car requires spacious space and heavy chassis, while aircraft require light, as far as possible to adapt to the aerodynamic flying also needs to be streamlined fuselage, blending the two needs isn't easy, but after using special materials AeroMobil vehicle weighs 450 kilograms and is about half of the normal vehicles. And require AeroMobil3.0 take off a few hundred metres of the road, landing also need hard and flat surface, which limits its use.

2. Expensive, AeroMobil fuselage using carbon fiber composite materials, and because of flight, AeroMobil3.0 equipped with electronic equipment needed for the flight, even equipped with parachutes, engineers Stefan Klein patented Rotax 912 engine can drive propeller and the front wheel, so expensive

3. The road flying need through the regulatory approval, the United States and Europe for vehicles and aircraft has strict safety management rules, the AeroMobil company will AeroMobil3.0 positioning for sport plane, can countries for this kind of new things can use the scale of the airspace is not settled yet.

4. The requirement of the driver is higher, need to have a pilot license, this limits the many people.

Above a number of factors, one of the biggest influence on the flying car production should be regulations for examination and approval of all countries, because of the great responsibility of safety management in different countries of, so for the flying car that new things must be very careful. AeroMobil3.0 this accident, also let people doubt flying cars this kind of "high-tech toys" travel is safe enough? Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery, shooting video game for a long time, flying cars, there is no heavy lobbying group, and the opponent's big carmakers, want to move the United States and European approval so far is difficult to complete tasks.

AeroMobil is not without its rival, the United States, Terrafugia company Maverick, PAL - V company in the Netherlands to make their own flying cars, while the companies are hard work in the field of flying cars, however, tesla CEO Elon Musk as a leader of electric cars, do not look good flying cars, in his speech he hinted that the security performance of the flying car. Security is now the biggest concern of flight vehicle prototype, but always in the curves of science and technology, and in the engineer's work together to realize the human seems impossible dream of flying cars real production estimation is only a matter of time, no matter what a flying car manufacturing company finally successful, human travel mode will be redefined.