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Internet + + university scientific research incubator equity the raised platform
Time : 2015/5/23    Clicks : 926    Public:Shenzhen Xsmart Technology Co.,LTD

Recently, the domestic first grasps "Internet + + incubator" of university's scientific research ideas of the raised platform of collaborative works ( officially launched, its production, and the perfect combination of equity and the raise, the complete financial ecosystem.

Since this year, all the raise equity become after P2P, Internet financial circles the latest hot spots, accompanied by ali and peace, jingdong giant into one after another, raise the stakes in the development of more and more popular. Collaborative works by collaborative innovation research institute in Beijing and guangzhou yue hui nebula-rich complex day jointly founded the equity of the raised platform, was founded in March 2015, is committed to through constructing joint entrepreneurs, investors and the resources of the business industry platform, implement to assist the transition of new technologies and leading science and technology creation team, promote investment professional goals, to build and perfect the "production, study and research, gold" perfect combination of entrepreneurial innovation ecological network.

It is understood that the collaborative works has angel alliance and business incubator, can provide more perfect business incubation service for entrepreneurs. Angel union will jointly thousands of investors and mentors, for entrepreneurs to provide funds, financial, legal, scientific research and so on all aspects of support and guidance. Collaborative works business incubator, is based on a lot of research, data validation, Internet thinking to build new business incubation ecosystem. The incubator is composed of incubation platform online and offline entities incubators, venture incubation platform for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and have an outstanding talent for start-ups, full of entrepreneurial guidance and professional startup services; On the other hand will find the best innovation service enterprises long-term cooperation partners, for investors to find the best investment project.