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In silicon valley, venture capital is not suitable for women?
Time : 2015/5/23    Clicks : 969    Public:Shenzhen Xsmart Technology Co.,LTD

According to foreign media reports, venture capital firms in recent weeks has been in the forefront of moral criticism. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the company won the Ellen Pao sex discrimination case in, but the testimony in the trial is made of a woman is not particularly popular with top vc impression. Also often exist in the society women entrepreneurial success must sell hue malicious remarks.

Though, the most recent statistics are hard to come to the conclusion that vc deliberately avoid women entrepreneurs. But it is clear that women start or business rarely get the support of venture capital. Venture capitalists explanation is that women are not inclined to join the high-tech industry, which is the risk of investment fund is interested in business. And women are not like men chasing risk investment, so they get the probability of the vc will be lower.

However, risk investment is the best way to do big dreams. If entrepreneurs need more than $1 million to develop a new product or service, or extend existing business of a business plan, risk investment should be an integral part of capital partners. If you can make full use of venture capital, women there is no need to use personal money brought about by the debt risk. Especially for a 40 + women is particularly important, no one was willing to put all of the personal savings in the plan of high risk.

Since 2009, venture capital firms are increasingly active. According to PWC, risk investment amount has increased 61% in 2014 to $48 billion. Wind investment gold in the media, advertising, entertainment, retail, financial services, e-commerce and Internet services to pour into a lot of money, and these areas may be more suitable for the participation of women. But now it seems these areas get venture entrepreneurs are predominantly male.

Facebook and Twitter recently two former female employees also filed a discrimination lawsuit, respectively. At the moment, gender or for white males in most control work in the silicon valley of important factor.

As Ellen Pao said, "I want people to be able to regard everyone as an individual, rather than with a group of take it for granted. But all these paranoid eyes were entrenched difficult to overcome. If we can get rid of them, just according to the judgment of recognize itself and its advantages, the world will be more beautiful."